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Puppy Name: Coby - Cava Chon
Breed Name: Cava Chon

Coby (FKA Kobi) was adopted by us in April 2017. He has been the greatest addition to our family since the birth of both our children. Coby was fully checked out by our vet and was in perfect health. He is a very energetic puppy is currently 7 months old. we have been using a private trainer in our home to help with the dog training which he has done great at. we are actually thinking about training Coby to be a therapy dog eventually. His demeanor around people is just spectacular. He is very social and loves to interact with other dogs as well at the dog park and as we take walks. We are very thankful to DC pups for making the process very easy to understand and I would highly recommend them. we just love our Coby!

Submitted by Marc Kline from Frederick, MD
Submitted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017