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We got our precious puppy from DC Pups 6 months ago. Our 3 year old daughter named him BEAR. He is the BEST fit for our family! He is sweet, caring, loving, loyal, and very smart! He ADORES snuggling and gets hours of snuggling in every single day! It is well understood why this breed was originally bred to be therapy dogs, because he has brought nothing but happiness, laughter, and joy to our home! Our daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her disease is the equivalent to the elderly form and is very severe. She has a lot of bad days where she is in constant pain. Bear puts a smile on her face. She was recently admitted into a hospital for 2 weeks and all she could talk about was how much she missed her Bear. We recommend DC Pups to EVERYONE who is thinking about getting a dog, especially the Teddy Bear breed because everyone who meets Bear, INSTANTLY falls in love! He has become our best friend and a massive part of the family-- he even has his own ornament on the Christmas tree! Thank you so much DC Pups for providing our home with the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! We love him so much and can't imagine our lives without him! DC Pups provided us with the best start for our baby and ensured that his new home/ the transition went as smooth as possible. We recommend DC PUPS to anyone and everyone! They truly provide your family with a life-long friend through their caring, compassionate, and friendly nature. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!

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Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale In Washington DC Area, Boston Terrier Pups For Sale, Teacup Boston Terrier Pups

Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale

The Boston Terrier are wonderful puppies that can make your life more beautiful. These friendly and affectionate puppies are a perfect companion for any family that wants to adopt a quadruped member to beautiful and unforgettable moments. The Boston Terrier is an intelligent and mannered puppy who loves to hang around children of all ages, with which is very gentle and protective.

Are you looking for a Boston Terrier puppy? Choose to become a master in charge. Buy your puppy from a breeder licensors. Such a breeder is DCPUPS, a great resource for finding your new puppies in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland, the best breeders in this areas.

The Boston Terrier is a dog which has its origins in the United States in the city of Boston. In the past, the Boston Terrier was a large dog which got to weigh over 20 pounds, which was used in dog fights. The Boston Terrier today is a small dog, which was obtained by crossing an English Bulldog with a Terrier becoming a gentle, loyal, friendly, and very affectionate puppy with everyone. The Boston Terrier puppy received AKC recognition in 1893.

The Boston Terriers generally adapt to any living environment, but feels the best in an apartment, especially that the little Boston Terrier puppy is sensitive to extreme weather conditions. It is a playful dog, but does not require a lot of exercise, daily walks are sufficient for ordinary maintenance.

This lovely puppy is very intelligent and is easily to be trained, especially if the owner uses a warm and gentle tone. It is a friendly dog with everyone, with a mild and sweet attitude, a dog that does not bite and does not barks without reason. The Boston Terrier is very a affectionate and devoted puppy, who likes to sit all the time around his master and his adoptive family. He is a friendly dog and needs more socialization from an early age so they are a good company to anyone.

The Boston Terrier puppy is not only beautiful but also conducts a beautiful physique, which captures everyone from the first meeting. The puppy's body is compact and muscular – looking Square, reaching AKC standards measure up to 15 inches and weighs between 10 and 25 pounds. The Boston Terrier stands out with its large and gentle eyes, black, fleshy, nose and sharp and small ears. He has short and smooth hair in different colours, such as brindle, brown, white, black and variations between these colours. The Boston Terrier is a puppy with a great temperament in a great body.

The Boston Terrier puppy is easy to maintain, which only needs a occasionally bath and a brushing, and daily cleaning of the face and eyes to prevent infection. Nor has serious health problems, being prone to eye ailments due to their shape, but with care and attention this will not happen.

But to be sure that the little Boston Terrier puppy will have a beautiful and quiet life, no serious health problems, you have to be a responsible owners since the time of adoption to choose a breeder authorized from which you buy the puppy. An authorized breeder uses only perfectly healthy copies and gives the best care to his puppies so they are perfectly healthy and happy. Such is the DCPUPS breeder growing the Boston Terrier puppies in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. DCPUPS do whatever it takes for you and your dog to be happy.