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I absolutely LOVE Chienne. She is a joy to have around the house and everyone loves her! She is very mild tempered and only cries and barks when I have to go to work. Everyone spoils her and she gets whatever she wants. I am so happy and know I made the right choice in adopting my baby. I love her so much!

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Cavachon Puppies For Sale In Washington DC, Annandale Virginia Cava Chon Pups For Sale, Buy Teacup Cava Chon Pups in Maryland

Cava Chon Puppies

The Cava Chon is a breed that appeared a few years ago and managed to conquer the entire world. The cute Cava Chon is not a purebred but is a design obtained by crossing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Bichon Frise. The little Bichon Frise is an ideal companion for any family, being a true friend.

If you want to have with a four - legged companion to become your best friend, choose a Cava Chon puppy. Choose to adopt from a really breeder to make sure that you adopt a purebred Cava Chon perfectly healthy. DCPUPS is the largest breeder of puppies in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. DCPUPS grows puppies into his house meaning best care and a lot of love. The puppies from DCPUPS are healthy and happy.

The Cava Chon is a new breed that appeared in the United States, the first baby being born in 1996. The Cava Chon puppy is specially created for the company and for living in the apartment, especially as it is a hypoallergenic puppy ideal for people allergies, with a fur that does not smell and does not shed. The little Cava Chon fur is not only hypoallergenic but wavy, fluffy, silky and soft. It can have colours like white, beige, red, tan, brown, black and different combinations and variations between these colours.

The Cava Chon is a smart puppy, he may be easily trained with patience, consistency and perseverance. They are very sweet and affectionate puppies, with everyone and especially with their owner whom he loves. It is better not be lacking for a long time of the master’s presence because he will suffer greatly. The Cava Chon is friendly and sociable with everyone and gets along well with children and other pets. He is very lively and loves to play and run all day long. The Cava Chon learns and executes various commands and tricks to pleasure to entertain others, he is the happiest when participates in various activities with his family.

The Cava Chon puppy needs special care and attention. The special fur needs daily brushing to prevent tangles. A daily brushing will keep the coat not only beautiful but also healthy and will remove the dirt and the dust that the puppy’s fur gathers on walks. He will need professional hair cutting a few times a year, and about once a month will be removed the excess hair around the eyes. He may have excessive tearing, so the little Cava Chon face hygiene requires attention.

The Cava Chon is a generally healthy puppy without too many health problems, mainly because it is a hybrid puppy. Being a very small puppy, the Cava Chon may suffer from dental diseases that can lead to the premature loss of teeth. This can be prevented with proper dental hygiene and regular check - ups at the veterinarian. The Cava Chon puppy is sensitive to very low temperatures, so he will be protected with a coat as it can cool down very easily.

If you want to become the owner of a cute puppy Cava Chon, choose to buy it from an official breeder. Just so you will be sure that you have adopted a purebred Cava Chon puppy perfectly healthy and well cared. Such a breeder is DCPUPS, the largest breeder in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland in the localities: Frederick, Rockville, Waldorf, Baltimore and Columbia. DCPUPS has Chon Cava puppies for sale obtained only from carefully selected mating.