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Bella is the most amazing, wonderful little girl--so healthy, loving, intelligent and so full of life. She is doing well, very spoiled. I couldn't get another better yorkie than her if I tried. Everywhere I take her she is the center of attention, I always get asked where did I get such a beautiful puppy. And they tell me I got lucky when I got her. Thankyou Mike from afforable pup for the knowledge of the puppies to answer any questions I had any time. (Trust me I had several) I was nervous about buying online, afterall this is going to be my first yorkie and I wanted to know more about her. So I went to Dc pup to check out the puppies and their living conditions. I will just say I was impressed. Thanks to Mike and his staff for having the best interest first and formost of the puppies. I bought Bella, formally Heidi, in October of 2009. She just went to the vet and is very healthy and doing very well. She was guaranteed to be less than three pounds. She is 2.7 pounds. Bella is the perfect addition to our family. Thanks again Mike for everything.

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Puppy Name: Bella - Yorkshire Terrier
Breed Name: Yorkshire Terrier

i just wanted to write you guys, and thank you. i got bella, from you back in april, and have had non-stop thrills since then. this ones a lil firecracker. from day one, she came in as happy and joyful as she is now. she was very social , and healthy (not to mention as cute as a button), she 3lbs of pure enjoyment. i couldn't of ask for more. i have to admit, i was a bit sceptical about getting a puppy online, but thanks to you, all my worries have been laid to rest. everywhere i go people ask me where i got her, and i'm happy to tell them capitalcitypupss.com is where to go. the whole buying process was easy and pain-free. i look forward to getting another pup from you guys soon, thanks again.

Submitted by C A from USA
Submitted on Thursday, July 20, 2017