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Puppy Name: Martini - Maltese
Breed Name: Maltese

we bought martini about a year and a half ago. she came in via airplane along with her baby sister, who was purchased by another family. she was happy and healthy. today, we could never imagine our life without her. she is sweet and intelligent and the most lovable dog we have ever met. she has a great personality and is always upbeat and ready to play. she always seems to know if you are down and comes over to give you a kiss or cuddle up with you when you need it most. we are really happy with our pet and if/when we decide to get another dog we will definitely be back! thank you for the irreplaceable addition to our family!

Submitted by Larisa Grimberg & Bill Weihbrecht from Thorndale, PA
Submitted on Tuesday, July 4, 2017