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I am absolutely head over heels in love with my Cavachon pup! DC Pups receives a "4 paws up" from me! Everything went smoothly, the breeder/broker was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns that I had, and most importantly, they took care of my Caleb up to the second he went home with me. Even afterwards, they made themselves available to answer questions. From the second I met Caleb, I knew DC Pups took excellent care of him because he was (and still is) a healthy, happy bundle of energy. His tail wagged when I first met him, and it has been a constant wag for the past two months! My Cavachon gets alot of attention wherever he goes, whether it is to the Vet, Petsmart, or on campus-everyone loves him! Thank you DC Pups!

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Morkie Puppies For Sale in Washington DC Area, Morkie Pups for sale in Virginia Beach, Annandale Virginia Morkies, York-Tese For Sale

  • Teddy Morkie

    Teddy is an Morkie. He would be great in a home with lots of toys. Teddy loves to play and bring you a toy to show you. Teddy is located in manassas Virginia feel free ... [more info]

    Talented & Terrific Morkie Teddy!!!
    15 weeks old, Registration: n/a , Adult Weight: 6-8 lbs


     Talented & Terrific Morkie Teddy!!! - 15 week old Morkie
  • Boomer Morkie

    Boomer is a male Morkie. Boomer just loves playing with toys and his puppy friends! He is a really sweet pup that loves to cuddle up or play. To meet Boomer Email us at ... [more info]

    Cute as a Button Morkie Boomer!!!
    13 weeks old, Registration: n/a , Adult Weight: 6-8 lbs


     Cute as a Button Morkie Boomer!!! - 13 week old Morkie
  • Lucky Morkie

    Lucky is a Playful male Morkie. He would make a great addition to your family. Lucky is located in manassas VA Call 703-864-1660 to make an appointment today. [more info]

    Terrific & Talented Morkie Lucky!!!
    13 weeks old, Registration: n/a , Adult Weight: 5-7 lbs


     Terrific & Talented Morkie Lucky!!! - 13 week old Morkie
  • Teacup Oreo Morkie

    Oreo is a Pretty little Gal. This Maltese/ Parti Yorkie mix is Absolutely Amazing. You can come visit Oreo in Manassas, VA and she is ready to fill your Heart with Joy. ... [more info]

    Parti Morkie Female Oreo!!!
    13 weeks old, Registration: n/a , Adult Weight: 5-7 lbs


     Parti Morkie Female Oreo!!! - 13 week old Morkie
  • Roxie Morkie

    Roxie is a Precious Morkie Princess. She Loves to be showered with gifts. Roxie is up to date on her Vaccinations and ready for all the Love you can give her. Call or text ... [more info]

    Rock & Roll Female Morkie Roxie!!!
    10 weeks old, Registration: n/a , Adult Weight: 6-9 lbs


     Rock & Roll Female Morkie Roxie!!! - 10 week old Morkie
  • Rosie Morkie

    Rosie is a Lovely little Gal. This Puppy has something Special about her. You can come visit Rosie in Manassas, VA where she is Spoiled to death. Email: Roger@dcpups.com [more info]

    Fabulous Morkie Female Rosie!!!
    10 weeks old, Registration: n/a , Adult Weight: 6-9 lbs


     Fabulous Morkie Female Rosie!!! - 10 week old Morkie

Morkie Puppies For Sale

The cute and the little Morkie is a hybrid and design puppy obtained by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese puppy. The Morkie is a beautiful puppy and a great companion.

Find puppies for sale in DCPUPS, the Morkie largest breeder in the Washington DC area. At DCPUPS you will find the perfect Morkie for you and your family.

The Morkie is a small puppy specially created to live in an apartment. He has a small and robust body, he is dressed in fluffy and wavy fur that he inherits from his parents can have colours like white, beige, brown and black. The Morkie is a very playful and active puppy that needs daily exercises and walks so as to consume energy. It is a very affectionate and loyal puppy which despite its size is very wary of strangers and protective to his owner. The Morkie is smart, friendly and sociable with other pets and can be quite easily trained if you speak to him in a calm and warm way.

The little Morkie puppy does not need special care that requires a long time. He will need daily brushing to maintain a beautiful coat and clean, also cleaning the paws after every walk. It is also recommended that from time to time to be making a brushing to the Morkie baby. Being a small puppy, the Morkie is prone to dental disease and to the premature loss of teeth. With regular brushing and an adequate food, the little Morkie will not have this problem.

Being a hybrid puppy, the cute Morkie is free of certain diseases. The little Morkie can have a life expectancy up to 15 years. This is possible if the Morkie is the result of crossbreeding of carefully selected specimens. By this, the Morkie will be free of certain diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, heart problems and many other diseases that can be inherited from parents. A responsible breeder will choose only those specimens perfectly healthy to obtain a perfectly healthy Morkie baby. Carefully and lovingly cared him, you will have a healthy puppy and a true companion who will be there every day giving your love and joyful moments. Love is the most important for the little quadruped. A happy dog is the man's best friend, a friend who loves him unconditionally until death. The remembering of a companion is not forgotten.

If you have decided to adopt a puppy in your life and in your family, the Morkie little puppy is the perfect choice. He can offer you days full of joy and glee. But if you want a Morkie, choose to buy it from a licensed breeder. This is very important for both you and for the puppy's health. An authorized grower, which gives the best attention to its puppies, is DCPUPS. Our team of experts is here to help you choose a puppy that suits your lifestyle and meets your expectations. Our Morkie puppies are carefully selected and are bred by reputable breeders, who live up to our high standards. DCPUPS has Morkie puppies for sale in Washington DC. Also DCPUPS has Morkie puppies for sale in Virginia Beach.