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We got our precious puppy from DC Pups 6 months ago. Our 3 year old daughter named him BEAR. He is the BEST fit for our family! He is sweet, caring, loving, loyal, and very smart! He ADORES snuggling and gets hours of snuggling in every single day! It is well understood why this breed was originally bred to be therapy dogs, because he has brought nothing but happiness, laughter, and joy to our home! Our daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her disease is the equivalent to the elderly form and is very severe. She has a lot of bad days where she is in constant pain. Bear puts a smile on her face. She was recently admitted into a hospital for 2 weeks and all she could talk about was how much she missed her Bear. We recommend DC Pups to EVERYONE who is thinking about getting a dog, especially the Teddy Bear breed because everyone who meets Bear, INSTANTLY falls in love! He has become our best friend and a massive part of the family-- he even has his own ornament on the Christmas tree! Thank you so much DC Pups for providing our home with the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! We love him so much and can't imagine our lives without him! DC Pups provided us with the best start for our baby and ensured that his new home/ the transition went as smooth as possible. We recommend DC PUPS to anyone and everyone! They truly provide your family with a life-long friend through their caring, compassionate, and friendly nature. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!

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Pomeranian puppies for sale

The tiny Pomeranian puppy can be considered a toy puppy due to its size. Smart, loyal and affectionate, this lovable puppy is looking just as a fox, he is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to increase their family.

If you are captured by the idea of adopting a puppy choose carefully the breeders from where you will buy your puppy. This is very important for several reasons. First of all, so that you can be assured that you buy a Pomeranian puppy purebred, secondly you'll be sure you buy a healthy puppy, and more. To ensure this, buy puppies from the best puppy’s breeders. Such a breeder is DCPUPS, a great resource for finding your new puppy and companion in the Washington DC area.

The little Pom Pom is named after the Pomerania region in Central Europe, and has as ancestors the German Spitz breed dogs. Unlike the little Pomeranian, the German Spitz is a much larger dog that was used to guard sheep. After several reproductions, the little Pom today revealed a small puppy that can reach up to 30 centimetres height and weights that varies around 2 pounds. Due to the layout and the size that he has, the Pomeranian puppy is one specially designed for indoor living and especially in the apartment. Active and frisky, the little Pomeranian puppy needs daily walk and exercise to consume energy.

The Pomeranian puppy is a lively, intelligent and always eager to sit around his master, to whom is very affectionate and loyal. The little Pom likes to learn and perform various tricks and gimmicks to delight the people around. Friendly and sociable puppies, the little Pom gets along well with other pets with whom he lives very well. Due to its size and temperament, the little Pom is a perfect companion for anyone and especially for children and seniors, to whom is very affectionate and protective, despite its size.

However, besides the temperament, the little Pomeranian puppy stands out with his fur. The little Pom Pom has a long soft and fluffy fur. The Pomeranians puppies come in a variety of colours like red, orange, white or cream, brown or black. The little Pom has almond - shaped eyes and black nose, sharp ears and a fluffy tail.

The Pomeranian puppy is easy to maintain and to care, needing attention and time regarding proper care for a nice coat and so as to keep him healthy. Through proper care, you will protect the puppy and the appearance of skin diseases, shedding and allergies, to which it is prone. The little Pom Pom will need daily brushing and regular cleaning the fur being preferable to avoid the bathroom as possible and when it is necessary to use dry shampoo.

This lovely puppy was recognized by the Kennel Club of England in 1870 and by the AKC in 1888. If you want a puppy that will be life companion choose the Pomeranian puppy. Select a purebred breeder such as DCPUPS. This puppies are raised in a healthy, loving and clean environment. DCPUPS is the largest breeder of the Pomeranian puppies from the Washington DC area. This toy puppy will embellish life and give you unforgettable moments. Choose to have the Pomeranian puppy in your life and you will not regret it.