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My teacup chihuahua Lola is amazing. I'm so happy I went with my gut feeling and decided to meet her when she was posted on this website. Nate was very open and honest about her personality. She is spunky and brilliant. Honestly the easiest dog I've ever had to train and was completely healthy. I feel so blessed to have a tiny dog that not only loves to cuddle, but also loves to play and learn. :)

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English Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Washington DC Area, English Bulldog Pups For Sale in Virginia, Maryland Teacup English Bulldog Pups

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

A very popular race, the little English Bulldog is a proud and full of character puppy, being a true mascot pleasing everyone. By the look and the character, the English bulldog puppy arrived very loved and cherished.

If you're looking for a fun four - legged companion, fun and with a strong character, the English Bulldog puppy can be the best choice for you. A great resource for finding your new puppies in Washington DC is DCPUPS. At DCPUPS you will find the English Bulldog puppies healthy and well cared for, puppies ready to offer you all the love and loyalty.

The English Bulldog is a breed with ancient origins that appeared in Britain. Its ancestors were very strong dogs that were used in battle. The English Bulldog puppy from now days is not an aggressive dog, but on the contrary is a fun puppy and a good companion for any family.

The English Bulldog puppy is a medium one that can reach up to a maximum of 25 pounds at maturity, which has a compact and robust body, short and muscular legs and a large head with massive jaws and folds on the forehead and jaw. The English Bulldog puppy fur is short, smooth and shiny and may have different colours: white, red, fawn, brindle and various combinations of these colours. Despite its muscular, the English Bulldog puppy is a wonderful companion, obedient and affectionate. Being an intelligent dog with patience and perseverance it will be easily trained and can become a sociable, patient and tolerant puppy with others, with children and other pets. The English Bulldog puppy is playful and funny but loves to spend the day lazing in the company of his master.

The English Bulldog is an indoor dog whom better to live in an apartment, especially for a dog that is sensitive to extreme temperatures. He does not need a lot of daily exercise, regular daily walks are sufficient.

Because of the shape of the head and nose, English Bulldog puppy is prone to respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is very important that the environment in which he is kept and raised to be one that assures the average temperature was not too cold or too warm. Very important in the care of an English bulldog is the eating. With a compact and sturdy body which is supported by short legs it is important to receive food rations well established by a program so that it does not become an obese dog. If becoming obese, he may suffer from hip or knees diseases. It also receives food that has to be one of quality to prevent the emergence of diseases such as skin allergies and excessive flatulence to which is prone the English Bulldog puppy if it receives an inadequate food. The English Bulldog puppy needs periodic cleaning skin folds. The English Bulldog puppy with proper care can get to live to 12 years or more.

If you made the decision to adopt an English Bulldog puppy choose to do this from the largest breeder in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas, DCPUPS. So you can be assured that you bought home a purebred English Bulldog puppy perfectly healthy. At DCPUPS, puppies have the best care and attention. We at DCPUPS do whatever it takes for the little puppies and our customers to be happy. At DCPUPS, the English Bulldog puppies are for sale in Washington DC, perfect for you and your family!