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Best thing we ever did. Nugget is happy and healthy. We've had him since March and couldn't be happier. We looked for a rescue dog, but couldn't find a small one. we were a little leery of buying from a website, but we were able to drive in and pick the puppy we wanted. Other than some ear mites and worming he has been perfect.

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Havanese Puppies For Sale

The Havanese puppy is a small puppy waist that is part of toy puppies group, a very popular puppy, being one of the most beloved companions for all families, being an affectionate puppy with a permanent mood of friendship.

Find the Havanese puppies for sale in DCPUPS which is the largest breeder of Havanese puppies in the Washington DC area. Here you will find the perfect Havanese puppy for your family because DCPUPS is giving the best care to their puppies.

The Havanese is a very old breed that is part of the family of Bichon and has as ancestor the Bichon Tenerife. Also, he is a very loved and admired puppy being elected the national dog of Cuba. In the past these cute and fluffy puppies were used for representations of circuses.

This little puppy despite of its size has a robust body. This little body is dressed in a heavy, silky, fluffy coat, ranging from wavy to curly. The fur, which is the pride of the Havanese puppy can have different colours like white, beige, cream, gold, silver, brown and black. The Havanese is a puppy who manages to conquer you with a glance, this being due to the piercing black and gentle eyes which no one can resist.

The cuteness Havanese puppy is not due only physically but also for his temperament. Also his playful walking and full of life highlights his cute character. The Havanese is a very intelligent puppy, being easily to train and to educate, they learn with pleasure tricks and special exercises, mostly the fun ones. His natural affectionate temperament makes the little puppy ideal for families and especially for children to whom he is affectionate, gentle and protective despite its size. Cheerful and sociable, the Havanese puppies get along very well with everyone and also with other pets, with which he can cohabitate without any problem.

The little Havanese needs love, attention and care especially regarding the fur. He will need daily brushing to prevent tangles to remove dead hair that are going to fall and to preserve a beautiful and healthy fur. The fur’s appearance is influenced by the puppy’s nutrition. It is very important that they receive a quality food specially designed for the needs of the breed to which it belongs. Dry food should cover most of the puppy’s menu. Dry food will help to maintain the little puppy’s teeth, because he is prone to dental disease and to the premature loss of teeth. For the better protection of the teeth, besides dry food, it is better than at least once a week to brush him. For this to be successful, it should start when the dog is still just a baby. Thus the puppy will get used to brushing his teeth will be healthy again. Properly cared for, the little Havanese puppy has a life span that can exceed 15 years.

If you have decided to adopt a Havanese puppy, carefully choose the breeder from where you will purchase the puppy. This is very important as the reproduction, the growth and the care of the puppies influences the life and the health of the baby puppy. It is recommended to choose the big, authorized breeders that have a good history in the domain. We, at DCPUPS, will do everything we can to earn your trust and assure a pleasant buying experience as well as providing you with a great customer experience during and after the purchase process. DCPUPS has Havanese puppies for sale in the areas Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.