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Here is our little Maltese Yorkie "Chewie"! OMG I LOVE THIS PUPPY TO DEATH! He is so full of energy and he is something else. I should call him flash because when he is quick! He jumps from one spot to another in a split second. It's almost like I don't see him jump, he's that quick! He has given us so much joy. Nate was really great to work with. We were really impressed with his knowledge and care for the puppies. My neighbor fell in love with Chewie, they reached out to DCPups to purchase a puppy as well.I definitely recommend DCPups! Thanks again, Nate! You are awesome.

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Maltese Puppies For Sale in Washington DC Area, Maltese Pups for Sale in Virginia, Maltese for Sale in Annandale Va, Buy Maltese Maryland

Maltese Puppies for sale

The tiny and cute Maltese has old origins and appeared in the Mediterranean area of Europe where they hunted mice in ports. The Maltese is characterized by elegance, beauty, intelligence, sweetness, devotion and love for his master. With these features, the Maltese puppy may be perfect for everyone. If you have decided to adopt a new member in your family, the Maltese is the perfect choice. The best place where you can buy a Maltese puppy if you live in the Washington DC area is DCPUPS. DCPUPS is the best breeder of Maltese puppies in this area. Here the puppies are the most important and they receive the best care and attention and especially very much love.

DCPUPS grows the sympathetic Maltese puppies that are ready to offer a lot of love and beautiful days to the future owners. This puppy, with gentle and noble appearance, has a temperament that makes him perfect to accompany any person, especially the elderly, children, and the people with various disabilities, being an excellent puppy for therapy. The Maltese is very affectionate and devoted, very responsive to what is happening around him, being an effective watchdog. The Maltese puppy is lively and playful, highly intelligent and sociable who loves to entertain those around him with different tricks and tips, especially because, in the past, the Maltese was used in the circuses.

But all these beautiful temperament traits are completed in a very pleasant way with the physical traits of the sympathetic Maltese puppy. The Maltese is a little puppy that weighs 3 kg and reaches at maximum maturity of measuring up to 25 inches. The Maltese’s little body is covered with a silky and fluffy white fur that is the pride of this puppy. The Maltese puppy’s fur is thick and curly and if properly cared for, it will be shiny and silky. The fur will be brushed daily to prevent tangles and to keep it clean and silky. The hair on the top of the head is often tied in a topknot to keep it out of the eyes. This saddle will not only protect your eyes but will give the little Maltese puppy a cute and sweet look.

In terms of health, the Maltese is a puppy with fewer health problems, and much less than the other puppies in the toy group, the group to which it belongs. However, a special attention should be paid to protecting the tooth, the little Maltese are prone to premature loss of teeth. The Maltese puppy is sensitive in terms of eyes, being characterized by excessive tearing being prone to infections.

But very important for the health of the little Maltese puppy is to be the result of an accurate and selective mating. Why is this important? Since many diseases are transmitted genetically, so the puppy can inherit from birth a very high predisposition to certain diseases. The authorized breeders are very selective with the specimens that they use for breeding. Such a breeder only chooses the healthy puppies that are physically perfect, thus ensuring a healthy life. DCPUPS grows in his house with great care the Maltese puppies. If you're looking for a Maltese puppy and you are in the Washington DC area the perfect place where you can buy it is DCPUPS. Our puppies will provide you and your family joy and pleasant moments that they will never forget!