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We got our precious puppy from DC Pups 6 months ago. Our 3 year old daughter named him BEAR. He is the BEST fit for our family! He is sweet, caring, loving, loyal, and very smart! He ADORES snuggling and gets hours of snuggling in every single day! It is well understood why this breed was originally bred to be therapy dogs, because he has brought nothing but happiness, laughter, and joy to our home! Our daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her disease is the equivalent to the elderly form and is very severe. She has a lot of bad days where she is in constant pain. Bear puts a smile on her face. She was recently admitted into a hospital for 2 weeks and all she could talk about was how much she missed her Bear. We recommend DC Pups to EVERYONE who is thinking about getting a dog, especially the Teddy Bear breed because everyone who meets Bear, INSTANTLY falls in love! He has become our best friend and a massive part of the family-- he even has his own ornament on the Christmas tree! Thank you so much DC Pups for providing our home with the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! We love him so much and can't imagine our lives without him! DC Pups provided us with the best start for our baby and ensured that his new home/ the transition went as smooth as possible. We recommend DC PUPS to anyone and everyone! They truly provide your family with a life-long friend through their caring, compassionate, and friendly nature. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!

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MaltiPoo Puppies For Sale in Washington DC Area, Malti Poo Pups for Sale In Virginia, MaltiPoos for Sale in Annandale Va, Buy Maltipoo Maryland

Malti Poo Puppies for Sale

The Malti Poo is a "design puppy" that is obtained from crossing the charming cute puppies: the Maltese and the Poodle. This cute puppy is a perfect companion for any family.

If you have decided to adopt a new member in your family, you will find the Malti Poo puppies at the largest breeder in the Washington DC area, DCPUPS. DCPUPS is the best breeder in the area, the breeder guarantees the health of its puppies.

The Malti Poo is a new hybrid race which has its origins in the United States. The puppy borrows from his parents the physical and the good character traits that make the little Malti Poo one of the most loved pets. The Malti Poo is a small puppy that gets to weigh a few pounds at maturity, with a small body, covered with a fluffy and silky coat that can be created in wavy and may have colours like white, cream, black and different colour combinations. In addition, the Malti Poo puppy’s fur is not only beautiful but is also a hypoallergenic fur that does not cause allergies to those with sensitivity to animal dander, does not smell and does not shed. In this small body fits a great character. Like his parents, the Malti Poo puppy is a sweet and a very affectionate puppy with everyone but especially with his owner whom he loves. He is very friendly and sociable with other pets and with children, is an excellent therapy dog for children with health problems and disabilities. It's very clever, very easily to be trained and to raise. Through its charming, the little Malti Poo puppy is an excellent companion for anyone.

The tiny Malti Poo puppy is specially designed for living in the apartment. Tiny and frail, the Malti Poo is not a puppy to live outside. The Malti Poo is a very affectionate and devoted puppy, he can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long period of time or when it is deprived of the company of his master. Therefore, the separation from the adoptive family and from his master should be done gradually.

The Malti Poo puppy is a toy that is part of the group. Therefore, should be given the utmost importance and attention to the nutrition and to the dental care. A high quality dry food and a regular brushing will keep it away the Malti Poo puppy problems and the dental disease and also the premature loss of teeth. As a hybrid breed, the Malti Poo puppy can be protected from diseases and from major health problems that are usually inherited from his parents. This can be avoided by the properly executed crossover and only with carefully selected specimens that are perfectly healthy and that substandard the breed used. This will ensure both the health and the authenticity of the breed’s puppy. Therefore, a careful choice of the breeder is very important! A responsible breeder who comply with all the rules and norms of propagation, growth and care of puppies is DCPUPS. At DCPUPS you will receive a guarantee when buying a purebred Malti Poo puppy that he is perfectly healthy. The DCPUPS team makes sure that the little puppies to be raised in the best conditions and to the highest standards. If you're from the Washington DC area, Virginia and Maryland, DCPUPS is the place where you can buy the Malti Poo puppy perfect four you and your family.