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This was my first time dealing with DC Pups, I looked around and just couldn't find anything that I liked. I was buying Bentley for my wife as a Christmas present and I have to tell you me and my wife are so in love with this little guy. He was born on September 1, 2014 and we have had him since November 2014. He is just a bunch of energy and the sweetest little guy there is, and not to mention he is adorable. Our 2 year old pit and ridge back mix thinks we bought him for her, they are best friends. DC Pups was professional and courteous and I can tell you that if me and my wife decide to get another pup again, DC Pups will be our first stop. Thanks again guys!!!!

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Pug Puppies For Sale in Washington DC Area, AKC teacup Pug Pups for Sale in Virginia, Pugs for Sale in Annandale Va, Buy Pug Maryland

Pug Puppies For Sale

The cute Pug puppy is a great character in a small body. The Pug is a very funny puppy who never lets you get bored. He is always ready to play and fun moments.

If you are looking for a cute Pug puppy and you are from areas, such as: Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland, you will find Pug puppies for adoption to the largest breeder in this area, DCPUPS. At DCPUPS, you have the chances to find the right Pug puppy for you and your family.

The Pug puppy has its origins in China from where he was brought in Europe in the 16th century. The breed dates back to the year 400 BC. They say, the little and cute Pug would have as ancestors the English Bulldog, the French Mastiff and the Pekingese. The Pug puppy has received AKC recognition in 1885.

The little Pug is a very happy puppy inside an apartment, especially since it is easily susceptible to very low and to very high temperatures. The Pug is a puppy with a big personality in a little, sturdy and stocky body and with a square aspect. He has a massive head with a short, round and square muzzle, black protruding eyes and short ears. The Pug puppy's little body is covered with short hair, which can have soft and smooth colours such as: beige, brown, silver and black. This cute puppy is physically endowed with a character very liked by everyone. The Pug is a very active puppy who loves to run and play, always happy and always ready to do different crazy things to entertain others. He is a very affectionate and loyal puppy with his family. Very intelligent, the Pug gets bored quickly so always requires learning new things, being easily trained.

The Pug is a puppy with a high life expectancy, he can come to live up to 15 - 16 years if he is well cared for. The Pug needs protection against high temperatures, which might cause problems with breathing, as well as the very low because it is sensitive and can cool quickly. Attention, you should pay attention to the Pug puppy’s nutrition. It should get fixed and weighed food rations because it is prone to obesity. He needs daily exercise and movement so as to maintain a normal weight.

The Pug is a cute puppy and increasingly adored by everyone becoming a pet often chosen by those who wants to increase their family. Therefore, individuals who sell such quadrupeds have multiplied. But not all traders and growers comply with all the rules for breeding and care of puppies. The compliance is very important to obtain healthy puppies with no major health problems that you may inherit from their parents if the reproduction is not done correctly. In addition, the environment in which the puppies are kept from birth greatly influences their life and health. Choosing a licensed breeder and with puppy raising tradition is very important. Choose such a breeder and you will surely have purchased a purebred Pug puppy perfectly healthy. Such a breeder is DCPUPS, the largest breeder in Washington DC, Virginia, Frederick, Rockville, Waldorf, Baltimore and Columbia. Our Pug puppies are carefully selected and are bred by reputable breeders, who live up to our high standards. DCPUPS offers wonderful Pug puppies that will beautify yourself and the life of your family.