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Bella is the most amazing, wonderful little girl--so healthy, loving, intelligent and so full of life. She is doing well, very spoiled. I couldn't get another better yorkie than her if I tried. Everywhere I take her she is the center of attention, I always get asked where did I get such a beautiful puppy. And they tell me I got lucky when I got her. Thankyou Mike from afforable pup for the knowledge of the puppies to answer any questions I had any time. (Trust me I had several) I was nervous about buying online, afterall this is going to be my first yorkie and I wanted to know more about her. So I went to Dc pup to check out the puppies and their living conditions. I will just say I was impressed. Thanks to Mike and his staff for having the best interest first and formost of the puppies. I bought Bella, formally Heidi, in October of 2009. She just went to the vet and is very healthy and doing very well. She was guaranteed to be less than three pounds. She is 2.7 pounds. Bella is the perfect addition to our family. Thanks again Mike for everything.

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Teddy Bear Puppies For Sale in Washington DC Area, Teddy Bear Pups for Sale In Virginia, Teddybears for Sale in Annandale Va, Buy Teddy Bears Maryland

Teddy Bear puppies for sale

The Teddy Bear is a new breed of "designer puppies" published a few years back, the race that is known as the the Zuchon or the Shuchon. The Teddy Bear in a few years became one of the most popular breeds of pet puppies.

If you have decided to adopt a puppy, by choosing the Teddy Bear you will be very happy. You will find the wonderful Teddy Bear puppies in Washington DC area, Virginia and Maryland to the largest breeder of these areas DCPUPS. This breed is one tradition that offers for sale puppies Teddy Bear perfectly healthy.

The origin of the Teddy Bear puppy starts somewhere around 1990. The Teddy Bear is a purebred puppy but a puppy hybrid obtained by crossing other breeds such as the Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu, the Poodle, the Shih Tzu, the Bichon Frise and the Toy Poodle. Even if at this moment the Teddy Bear puppy does not have the AKC recognition and the breed will be recognized as the Zuchon.

Because of the origin parents, the Teddy Bear is a small puppy, he will get to measure about 12 inches and weigh about 5 - 6 pounds. The puppy's little body is covered with soft and fluffy fur that can have different colours and colour combinations: white, beige, gold, brown, black etc. Its beauty is completed, nosed round face, big eyes and gentle, droopy ears and fluffy tail. These wonderful puppies, in a very nice packaging, also have a temperament that thrills from the first moment spent together. The Teddy Bear loves very much his master and loves to sit always in the company of men, and especially in the family. He is very sociable with everyone and especially with children, he gets along well with other pets. Very clever, the little Teddy Bear is easily trained and can be taught various tricks and commands. Also, the name of Teddy Bear comes from joining both physical appearance and the affectionate temperament, sweet and playful.

The Teddy Bear is a specially designed puppy to live in the apartment, very happy even in a very small apartment. He does not need a lot of space, are sufficient daily walks. In addition, he needs a home protection. The little Teddy Bear is a brachycephalic puppy having trouble with the breathing and he is very sensitive to high temperatures to which he must be protected and avoided whenever possible. Being a hybrid puppy, the Teddy Bear has no major health problems, generally, being a healthy puppy. If properly cared for, the Teddy Bear puppy has an average life that often exceeds 16 years of age.

Buying a Teddy Bear puppy: if you are looking for a Teddy Bear puppy for sale in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland, the perfect place where you can buy a perfect puppy is DCPUPS. Careful choice the breeder, it is very important especially because the Teddy Bear is a new breed. A true breeder will give you a guarantee that you adopted a puppy purebred Teddy Bear perfectly healthy. The team at DCPUPS takes care for you to choose the perfect puppy for you and your family, the perfect puppy that meets your lifestyle. At DCPUPS, you will always find support and you will also find answers to all your questions. DCPUPS is a responsible breeder that cares to offer its customers only perfectly healthy puppies, to give them a wonderful life. At DCPUPS, puppies are raised in conditions that meet the highest standards. DCPUPS is with you in Washington DC, Virginia and Frederick areas, Rockville, Waldorf, Baltimore, and Columbia in Maryland.